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As a logical result for our well notices success in CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, in cooperating with our English partner "TECHSERV Cutting Systems Ltd." & our USA partner "Thermal Dynamics", we have make an order for 3 CNC Plasma Cutting Machines Model: Blue Marlin 1.5 X 3 m equipped with CUT Master A120 Plasma Power Supply (Cut up to 15 mm as a production capacity).

Blue Marlin is a full options CNC Plasma cutting machine, since it comes with Height Sensor, Servo Motors & Drivers for motion, Geared Driven, Complete Control Unit developed by TECHSERV & where we are sure that this is the best CNC Plasma in the market, we have decided to present 24 months total guarantee against industrial defects & a free of charge service for 36 month.

We have also decided to open the opportunity to our esteemed clients and we will sell these machines with very special price (This is a limited offer for these 3 machines only) and the prices will be 20 discounted.

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